Why We Keep Sports Equipment in the Car

It might sound a little strange, but we tend to keep most of our sports equipment in our car. Now this might be a little easier for our family as compared to some others since we drive an SUV and therefore have a little extra room available. That being said, we find it a quite convenient set up.

Now I’m not saying people should start going out and pulling spare tires and safety equipment out of the trunk to make room for tennis rackets and footballs, but if you have a little extra room to spare in the family vehicle, you might consider keeping some commonly used sports equipment there.

Here’s why…

Easy to Keep Organized

We keep most of our equipment in one of those plastic milk crates in the cargo area of our SUV. This way it keeps everything together and balls from rolling all over the place when driving.

Larger items like baseball bats and tennis rackets we tend to put under the seat or in flat, but not too deep storage units under the cargo area of our vehicle, along with things like jumper cables, a small snow shovel, blankets, and similar emergency travel gear.

Easy to Find

I don’t know about all families, but I know that when we used to keep most of our sports equipment out in the garage or inside the house, it often managed to find it’s way elsewhere, eventually getting scattered around and becoming lost among other belongings.

In the car though, there’s only so many places it can get to, and our vehicle makes for a quick, and relatively easy, place to find our sports stuff when we need it.

They’re There When we Need Them

Speaking of needing sports gear, I really hate it when we get to the park or playground and we don’t have something that we want to play with. Getting the urge to toss the football around or play a little catch, only to realize we have left the football behind, don’t have our baseball gloves, or have left our tennis rackets in the garage, used to be a real bummer. But since we just have one car, whenever we head off for outdoor activities — even ones in which we aren’t necessarily planning to play any sports like camping or canoeing — we now have such items available should the urge hit or if we just want to kill a few minutes of down time.

Don’t Forget the Miscellaneous Items

We keep a few extra items in with our sports equipment just in case. Item’s like an air pump, some extra balls (since tennis rackets without tennis balls or baseball gloves without baseballs won’t be of much good) and a first aid kit (just in case) help guard against the unexpected sporting incident, loss of ball or pulling the football or soccer ball out only to discover it has lost that pep in its inflated step.

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