Ski Boots For Women

Ski boots for women function in a similar way as men’s ski boots do. But their composition and designing methods are quite different. Women’s ski boots are slightly leaner in cuff heights, contouring and have thick cushion for better foothold. The liner padding and forward flex also varies vaguely.

Cuffs are sited bit lower, because the calf muscle of woman is lower positioned than that of man. Also, Ski boots for women have tapered heels and these boots fit narrowly around ankles. Such configuration helps to take turns efficiently and comfortably.

Initially, it was difficult and costly to manufacture specialized ski boots for women. But with increasing number of women participating in skiing activities, numerous brands have come up with ski boots for women. Brands such as Rossignol, Technica, Lange and Salomon, manufacture high quality ski boots for women. Now, there are wide varieties of women’s ski boots readily available in the stores and at affordable prices.

Salomon Idol Ski boots for women have shell which reduces the weight, but supports and transfers all the exertion on skis edges. Technica women’s boots have Velcro straps and tough velvety lining around the ankle. This lining prevents the skier’s ankles from twisting while taking turns. Lange has introduced new CRL line for women which are elegant, have warm footbed and are meant for intermediate to advanced skilled skiers.

Rossignol’s Electra ski boots for women deliver high performance. It has polyether cuffs, elastic foot bed with four micro buckles. Other major brands which manufacture ski boots for women include Head, Atomic and Nordica.

Few women prefer custom made ski boots. While placing order for such boots, study in detail as what features need to be included in boots. Direct the mender to keep lifted heels. Such heel helps to transmit the energy at tip and concentrates the center point of gravity over the skier. But, do not go for higher heels, otherwise skier may stumble more often.

Alter the cuff height as per the comfort and requirements. The ankle flex has to be softer. The shell material used in ski boots for women can be either made from leather, polyester or some artificial leather. Direct the boot maker to include small hole in each boot for ventilation. Go for aluminum buckles in ski boots which are more durable.

Comfort of the foot is entirely dependent on footbed. So footbed has to be made from soft materials. Moreover, it has to be properly aligned. Lastly, it is important to consider these points, because skiers are the one who have to feel comfortable while skiing.

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