Choosing a Pair of Tennis Shoes

This is a typical question most tennis players would ask. In fact, tennis shoes is one of most important equipment a player should have (apart from the racket of course). So, what characteristics should one be looking for when buying a pair of tennis shoes?

As an amateur player, I would normally based my review on the following criteria:

1. Flexibility – I prefer a shoe which has good arch support but yet flexible and not rigid. I enjoy a shoe which is able to fit snugly to my foot and yet lends the necessary ankle support. Test flexibility by bending the shoe.

2. Durability of the sole – this is the area of the shoe which wears off the fastest. Try to go for one which has a better quality and durable sole. There are different kinds of new man-made materials all the time to enhance the durability of the sole of the shoe. Do try to ask the names of such new materials. I am no chemist but do keep abreast of new and revolutionary materials.

3. Stable and fitting – I like a tennis shoe which is overall stable and yet fitting. A good tennis shoe needs to be firm in order to protect your ankle and the sole of your feet. It has to be fitting so that it will not feel clumsy.

4. Light weight – Do try to get a pair of tennis shoes which is fairly light. As tennis requires mobility, you do not wish to be weighed down by your shoes! Having said this, tennis shoes should be still firmer in order to protect the feet, especially the ankles.

5. “Airiness” – I call this the ability to allow your foot to breathe and not to be cooped up. Make sure the shoe you select has some kind of openings in its design to allow air flow.

6. Comfort – Overall, you will know if the pair of shoe suits by just sensing your overall comfort level when you wear it. Make sure you have a pair of socks on as well and do move around and jump around when trying the shoe out. You must have that feeling of being able to move swiftly and being nimble. The pair of tennis shoes which allows you to feel this way would be the one for you!

7. Check out the shoes the top 10 players are using. Although, there could be a sense of bias as the players are sponsored, I am sure there is also a level of quality exuded by these shoes that the players endorse.

As someone who enjoys the game of tennis, I wish to share some of my tennis experiences with everyone. I hope my reviews which are a reflection of my thoughts would come in handy. For more tennis thoughts from me, check out Hope you will enjoy it and come back for more tennis thoughts.

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