Five ways in which netball differs from basketball

Netball and basketball may seem similar, but just a quick glance at the games side by side will highlight their glaring differences. We’ve narrowed down the five major differences between the two sports, and we’ll explain them here.

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No Backboard

A netball net has no backboard. Unlike a basketball net, there is nothing for the ball to ricochet from, and this makes scoring a little bit tougher. Netball players have to shoot the ball through the hoop with absolutely no assistance, whereas basketball players have the benefit of a backboard that can take a wayward shot and redirect it into the net. The lack of backboard means that netball shooters need to have better accuracy and skill.

Three-Second Rule

While basketball is a running sport, netball players have to stop and start at a rapid pace, as they may not run with the ball. What makes netball so much tougher is that although there is no running with the ball, players have only three seconds to pass once they come into possession. This makes the game very exciting to watch, and it may be contributing to the fact that the sport is growing.

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More Action

Netball seems to offer more intense action than basketball, as a lot of basketball games only pick up the pace in the last quarter. If you watch netball training drill videos like the ones at, you’ll see just how hard players practice getting up to speed, and this ensures they put on a good show for spectators and provide more action over a shorter period of time.

Restrictive Positions

In netball, players have set sections of the court where they are allowed. These restrictions make teams work extra hard together, and unlike in basketball, there are very seldom star players who grab all the attention as everyone is working as one unit.

A Team Effort

Netball needs every single player to be on the ball, all the time. In basketball, stronger players can compensate for weaker ones, but in netball, every single team member must perform at their optimum to ensure they win the game. One weak link can cause the whole team to crash. The three-second rule means no one can hog the ball, so every player gets a chance to prove themselves in their position.

Ten Tips For Buying Caps And Hats

Caps and hats can help you in all different kinds of weather. If it is snowing, they can keep you warm. If it is sunny, they can keep the sun out of your eyes. These ten tips will help you to buy the caps and hats that will work best for you. They will also help you to get high-quality headgear so that it lasts for a long time.

1. Look For Warm Materials
The most important thing for caps that are going to be worn in the winter is that they are warm. You want to look for wool and other such materials since these do a very good job of insulating your head and keeping in the body heat.

2. Try Them On For Comfort
You should never buy a hat just for the way that it looks. Try it on to make sure it is comfortable because you will not want to take it off in the cold weather just because you do not like the way that it feels.

3. Find Hats That Are Waterproof
You do not want your hat to get wet, as this will make it much colder and less effective in the fall and winter. Find a hat that can withstand the rain and sleet.

4. Check Their Durability
You never want to buy a hat with frayed edges or strings that are coming undone. This will just fall apart with heavy use.

5. Consider What You Need
Always think about what you need. If the cap is for the sun, for example, make sure that you get a long visor. Do not buy a hat that looks nice but that will not give you what you want.

6. Read A Number Of Reviews
Never buy something without finding out what other consumers think. They give honest reviews much of the time.

7. Do Not Assume That A Higher Price Is Always Better
Some of the best hats and caps on the market are being sold for a low price. Brands that are popular will often back off on quality because they know that their name will sell.

8. Find Out How To Wash Them
You do not want to shrink a hat at all when you wash it since it will not fit if you do. Find out if it can be washed in the laundry or if there is a special method that needs to be used.

9. Test A Few Different Styles
Do not buy the first hat that you find, even if you like it.

10. Examine The Warranty
Many hats will come with a warranty. Those that come with a long warranty are best since the company believes in their product.

Choosing Suitable Fitness Wear

Finding the right fitness apparel depends on what activity you are planning to undertake. You also have to consider whether you plan to exercise in doors or outdoors. The time of year makes a big difference and of course, your own tastes and preferences.

No matter what activity you plan there is one basic essential that you must bear in mind. Fitness apparel must be flexible. It must stretch. The waist band should not be rigid. There should be no tight seams that limit movement.

Knit fabrics are generally more flexible than woven fabrics and so are the most common type of fabric for fitness apparel. A simple cotton knit might be adequate but it tends to lose its shape after a time.

You need your fitness apparel to stretch and then regain its shape. Specialist fabrics are designed to do this. There will usually be a proportion of Lycra in the yarn to give it more stretch and enable it to regain its shape.

Sometimes old cotton sweats are all we need for comfortable exercise. But cotton is poor at wicking away sweat. Cotton tends to absorb sweat. For heavy exercise fitness apparel that is made of material with good wicking properties is preferable. Modern fabrics are designed to do this and are greatly superior to cotton when it comes to keeping the body fresh and dry.

Cotton comes into its own in exercises such as yoga. Leggings that are made of smooth fabric can make it difficult to assume some yoga positions. A pair of loose cotton pants may be better suited to yoga.

Women should always wear a sports bra for any fitness activity. A sports bra is more effective than an ordinary bra and offers more support. They have wider straps for comfort and have no underwiring. If you think they look unsexy then go for one that can be worn on its own when choosing your fitness apparel.

You need to have a good body to wear revealing fitness apparel. But if you want to hide an overweight body then chose something that covers the body. Do not go for a loose fit. A loose garment will simply flap about and get in the way when you are exercising.

Fitness apparel can flatter by the way that it is cut and by the use of colors. Matching top and pants or leggings will minimise your figure. Panels of contrasting color down the sides or stripes will tend to make you look taller and thinner.

Match the color of your training shoes to your pants to give an overall look that is slimming. A little flair on the pants will tend to give visual balance to broad hips.

Remember that you need different fitness apparel in winter. This is especially true if you exercise out of doors. You will need a waterproof, breathable jacket if you run or power walk. A hat is also essential. Most heat loss takes place through the head.

Training shoes are the most important item of fitness apparel. They must be suited to the activity you plan to undertake. Runners should pay particular attention to their footwear. Go to a specialist shop and tell them how far you run each week. That way they can provide you with the best shoe. It must have enough support to protect your feet from injury. Do not expect a pair of training shoes to last more than one year. If you use them heavily then you should change them even more frequently.

Your fitness program will benefit from the right choice of fitness apparel. It will help you to perform at your best, avoid injury and feel good about yourself.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Running Shoes

In order to stay fit and healthy, we have to exercise regularly. No matter how light the exercise is, as long as we keep our body moving, it will have quite an impact to our body. One of the most common exercises that people do is running. There are several reasons why running is so popular. Running is easy to do and it is a very effective form of exercise. If you run for few miles for as many as 3 times a week, you will be able to maintain an ideal posture. If you want to lose some weight, you can try running every day in the morning or in the afternoon. But the best thing about it is the fact that you do not need extra budget to buy any expensive equipment. Running does not require any exercise equipments at all.

Also, if you go running in a park, you will get the chance of meeting people because that’s where people usually spend their leisure time. In short, you will get the chance to stay healthy while doing something fun and convenient. Although you do not need any equipment, you will need a good pair of running shoes. It is okay if you want to run barefoot, yet it will be a lot better to wear proper shoes as they will make your running experience more comfortable and safer.

Selecting running shoes can be a bit tricky. Most people think that casual sneakers can be used for running. There is nothing wrong with wearing sneakers but it would be better if you wear training shoes designed especially for running. All running shoes are designed specially to support your body while you exercise, hence they are usually elastic and light-weight, yet very durable as well. Casual shoes are either too flimsy or too hard, and thus do not provide the much needed support. But before you buy, you need to compare the different brands and different models of shoes available in the market. You can ask your friends for recommendation or even do the research on the internet as there are lots of websites that provide reviews on training shoes.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind. Finding a pair of good and long-lasting running shoes at a cheap price is almost impossible. Thus, you will need to save if you want to get good pair of running shoes. After all, you want to make sure that your investment is worth it.

If you like running, you will need to have special training shoes made for the sport. Finding the perfect running shoes can be tough, but it is doable if you are willing to spend some time researching.

Tips for Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Shopping for a sleeping bag can be baffling, especially if you are a first time buyer. To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of the three most important tips to take note of and follow when shopping for it.

Here are the key factors to take note of when choosing the most suitable one for you:


They come in either rectangular, semi rectangular or mummy shaped. If you prefer a snug fit, a mummy shaped sleeping bag would be most suitable as it is tapered and comes with a hood to maximize thermal insulation. The mummy shaped ones are the most suitable choice when doing any outdoor activity in cool and/or cold environments.

If you prefer the option of a bag with that offers more room and space that allows you to shift or switch positions, a rectangular shaped bag would be ideal. However, most rectangular bags do not support a build-in hood. Unlike the mummy shaped ones, it is less compact, more bulky and is not advised for use during prolonged periods of outdoor adventure.

Temperature Rating

A sleeping bag’s temperature rating refers to the lowest temperature at which it will be able to keep an average sleeper sufficiently warm. Most of these ratings would assume that the user is already wearing a layer of underwear and clothing; after all, they are only guidelines.

For the most part, a summer seasoned bag would be suitable for temperatures ranging from 35degrees Fahrenheit or higher. A three-seasoned bag would suit temperatures from 10 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This is commonly used during the autumn, spring and early fall seasons, when the environment is cool. A cold weather type is most appropriate for use in places with temperatures ranging from -10 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly, an environment with temperatures of 10 degrees Fahrenheit and below would require an extreme or winter model.


Sleeping bags have two types of insulation, down and synthetic fill. Synthetic insulated bags are generally less costly than down fill; however they are more bulky and less compressible as compared to down fill. Materials typically used in synthetic fill include nylon and polyester. Additionally, synthetic insulated ones are able to provide better insulation when used in a moist/damp environment.

On the other hand, down fill ones are compact, lightweight and that makes it convenient for bringing it from one place to another. Furthermore, down fill is mostly able to hold up for a longer time, thus the bag would be of better value in the long run. The fact that down fill is not fully hypoallergenic is one disadvantage to take note of. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you are advised to opt for a higher quality down fill insulated sleeping bag instead as lower quality ones may cause an allergic reaction in the event, the bag is not thoroughly cleaned and still contains dust particles and other allergens. In this case, you will want to choose a bag with down fill as it first the specific want for a lightweight sleeping bag.

Finally, it is imperative that you think through the different sleeping bag models, and be sure that the one you choose is the most suitable one for you.

NFL Jerseys For Women

In the past there were only male NFL jerseys, but with the growing popularity of NFL football among women, these female fans were really crying for stylish jerseys for them. Now ladies do not have to sacrifice style to show their team spirit on game days wearing these great fashionable jerseys.

With women size cut, some of them feature mesh cap sleeves and rhinestone accents on the V-neck. All these female jerseys are really fitted to compliment a feminine shape and usually have some decorations that highly appreciated by wearers.

Actually the female NFL jerseys from Reebok have a slimmer, shorter and tighter fit that hits just below the waistline. Therefore it is suggested that you’d better select a size larger than normal when buying these jerseys.

These women’s NFL jerseys come in several models. The replica model is made of breathable, quick-drying polyester. The player’s number is screen-printed on the chest and logo on the shoulders and player’s name is sewn on down nameplate at the upper back, with his number screen-printed in the center. The premier female jerseys are designed to look and feel like an authentic jersey, but at a much cheaper price. All numbers are sewn on front, back, and shoulders. So is the name on the back. Then You will also get authentic women’s jerseys. They are the best but also fit a little tight, so order one size up. Besides, there comes a model, the ‘Alloy’, with black dazzle fabric and sliver/gold detailing, which is really bold feminine. For fitter wear, also order one size larger.

Ski Boots For Women

Ski boots for women function in a similar way as men’s ski boots do. But their composition and designing methods are quite different. Women’s ski boots are slightly leaner in cuff heights, contouring and have thick cushion for better foothold. The liner padding and forward flex also varies vaguely.

Cuffs are sited bit lower, because the calf muscle of woman is lower positioned than that of man. Also, Ski boots for women have tapered heels and these boots fit narrowly around ankles. Such configuration helps to take turns efficiently and comfortably.

Initially, it was difficult and costly to manufacture specialized ski boots for women. But with increasing number of women participating in skiing activities, numerous brands have come up with ski boots for women. Brands such as Rossignol, Technica, Lange and Salomon, manufacture high quality ski boots for women. Now, there are wide varieties of women’s ski boots readily available in the stores and at affordable prices.

Salomon Idol Ski boots for women have shell which reduces the weight, but supports and transfers all the exertion on skis edges. Technica women’s boots have Velcro straps and tough velvety lining around the ankle. This lining prevents the skier’s ankles from twisting while taking turns. Lange has introduced new CRL line for women which are elegant, have warm footbed and are meant for intermediate to advanced skilled skiers.

Rossignol’s Electra ski boots for women deliver high performance. It has polyether cuffs, elastic foot bed with four micro buckles. Other major brands which manufacture ski boots for women include Head, Atomic and Nordica.

Few women prefer custom made ski boots. While placing order for such boots, study in detail as what features need to be included in boots. Direct the mender to keep lifted heels. Such heel helps to transmit the energy at tip and concentrates the center point of gravity over the skier. But, do not go for higher heels, otherwise skier may stumble more often.

Alter the cuff height as per the comfort and requirements. The ankle flex has to be softer. The shell material used in ski boots for women can be either made from leather, polyester or some artificial leather. Direct the boot maker to include small hole in each boot for ventilation. Go for aluminum buckles in ski boots which are more durable.

Comfort of the foot is entirely dependent on footbed. So footbed has to be made from soft materials. Moreover, it has to be properly aligned. Lastly, it is important to consider these points, because skiers are the one who have to feel comfortable while skiing.

AGV Sport Motorcycle Jacket

If you are looking for an amazing motorcycle jacket, you should look into an AGV sport motorcycle jacket. They have a wide selection of jackets that you can choose from. Their jackets are quality jackets that are made to stand up to most weather conditions. Some of them may not handle the road as much as the others, or as well as a different material.

Leather may stand up to the road better than a few of these jackets, but leather will not offer the comfort that these can provide during the different seasons and weather conditions.

One type of AGV sport motorcycle jacket that you can choose from is the Airtech Hybrid Mesh Jacket. This jacket is great for summer days when the excellent ventilation allows for more air to flow. It also has a windbreaker layer that is waterproof. It can be removed from inside the jacket and meant to be worn on cold and wet conditions. This jacket has armor cups around the arm and stays firmly in place. It also has a thin piece of back armor, as well.

Although it does have the back armor, it only provides a small amount of protection and you may want to consider using an added piece of protection for your spinal column.

This jacket will not hold up to as well as leather would, but if you do not want the heat and humidity of summer or a warm climate, you may want to seriously consider this jacket. Another jacket is the Sport Blast Textile jacket. This jacket has reflective badges for nighttime riding when other traffic may not be able to see you that well. It also has a zip out liner that you can remove during the warmer weather. This jacket has elbow armor and protectors that are CE approved. The collar is breathable and waterproof to help keep out some of the weather.

These jackets are able to help you endure different climates and many different types of weather. At the same time, they are trying to help you enjoy your riding no matter how hot, cold, or wet that it may get. The different types of jackets that you can find will help protect you from the weather conditions that you may have to ride through, as well as providing the comfort that you want. So, when you are purchasing your new riding jacket make sure that you consider an AGV sport motorcycle jacket.

Football Scarf

Most football fans love to display their allegiance to a favourite team by wearing the colours of the team in question. Often dressed in colourful shirts and hats, singing songs from the stands, supporters certainly make the atmosphere at each and every match. The football scarf is another essential component of the soccer fan’s dress code, especially (although not exclusively) during the cold months of winter.

First and foremost, a scarf can protect fans from the bitter winter chills. Most modern football stadiums are now all seated, so there is little opportunity for supporters to jump around and huddle together on terraces like they would have done in years gone by, so a nice, thick scarf can often protect from the worst of the shivers. Of course the half time cup of tea will help too!

Football scarves are actually becoming increasingly popular, not just as a material banner with which to claim allegiance to your team but also as an item of fashion. You no longer have to purchase a football scarf that has team logos emblazoned across its length.

You can be much more subtle and simply choose a scarf that tastefully blends the colours of your team into the scarf, whether it is the red and white of someone like Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal or the sky blue and white of teams like Manchester City or the deeper blue of a Chelsea, Reading or QPR.

These more fashion conscious, designer football scarves can easily be worn at the match but also perhaps on a winter’s shopping trip with your partner or down at the local pub in the evening. It means you can show support for your team by wearing the colours as often as you like! Some of the more upmarket scarves are made from high quality materials such as Saxony wool or cashmere. This helps to make the scarf really durable and there are no concerns about team logos running or fading after washing.

That’s the real beauty of a designer football scarf, it’s multi-faceted. Support your team, keep warm, look good and feel good all at the same time, whether you are male or female. The fact that there are no logos present means that they look both masculine and feminine, depending on the wearer.

So, whether it’s around your neck, keeping you warm or being waved in the air in celebration of another great goal for your team, the football scarf is very much part of a fan’s outfit.

Why We Keep Sports Equipment in the Car

It might sound a little strange, but we tend to keep most of our sports equipment in our car. Now this might be a little easier for our family as compared to some others since we drive an SUV and therefore have a little extra room available. That being said, we find it a quite convenient set up.

Now I’m not saying people should start going out and pulling spare tires and safety equipment out of the trunk to make room for tennis rackets and footballs, but if you have a little extra room to spare in the family vehicle, you might consider keeping some commonly used sports equipment there.

Here’s why…

Easy to Keep Organized

We keep most of our equipment in one of those plastic milk crates in the cargo area of our SUV. This way it keeps everything together and balls from rolling all over the place when driving.

Larger items like baseball bats and tennis rackets we tend to put under the seat or in flat, but not too deep storage units under the cargo area of our vehicle, along with things like jumper cables, a small snow shovel, blankets, and similar emergency travel gear.

Easy to Find

I don’t know about all families, but I know that when we used to keep most of our sports equipment out in the garage or inside the house, it often managed to find it’s way elsewhere, eventually getting scattered around and becoming lost among other belongings.

In the car though, there’s only so many places it can get to, and our vehicle makes for a quick, and relatively easy, place to find our sports stuff when we need it.

They’re There When we Need Them

Speaking of needing sports gear, I really hate it when we get to the park or playground and we don’t have something that we want to play with. Getting the urge to toss the football around or play a little catch, only to realize we have left the football behind, don’t have our baseball gloves, or have left our tennis rackets in the garage, used to be a real bummer. But since we just have one car, whenever we head off for outdoor activities — even ones in which we aren’t necessarily planning to play any sports like camping or canoeing — we now have such items available should the urge hit or if we just want to kill a few minutes of down time.

Don’t Forget the Miscellaneous Items

We keep a few extra items in with our sports equipment just in case. Item’s like an air pump, some extra balls (since tennis rackets without tennis balls or baseball gloves without baseballs won’t be of much good) and a first aid kit (just in case) help guard against the unexpected sporting incident, loss of ball or pulling the football or soccer ball out only to discover it has lost that pep in its inflated step.